“Our children are so happy at pre-school:  they look forward to every session and have a great relationship with all staff members.  We are confident that Constantine Pre-school has been a fantastic introduction to formal education for our girls. Thank you!”


“[My child] has settled well and seems to be very happy at pre-school…Thanks to everyone who works hard…Keep up the good work.”


“I feel 100% happy now that my child has experienced a very good pre-schooling time as this year has been fantastic.  Huge thanks to staff for all your hard work…and expertise…We would like you to know how much we appreciate it.  The pre-school is a wonderful building that is now being used to its full potential…There is a great atmosphere and sense of calm, busy and enquiring littlies happy learning through play.”


“[My child] enjoys her time here and her speech and confidence has improved greatly since starting.”


“With a child about to make a transition to reception, pre-school has been invaluable in helping them achieve a level of understanding and awareness prior to this move.  This year has been particularly good for their development.  Thank you!”


“I think it is really good that when the children arrive at pre-school there are activities already out on the tables.  This helps the children settle more quickly.”


“Such a super pre-school: my child is very happy and has learnt something new every day!  Please keep up the fantastic work.  Great staff too!  They helped my child through potty training without any complaints.  Thank you.”


“My son has experienced problems with speech and toilet training:  I have received advice from pre-school for both.”


“Pre-school is fantastic and all the staff are lovely.  I always feel happy leaving my child there and he has settle in very easily.  He is always very tired after a session but that’s how I can tell he’s had a good time!  Thank you all and keep up the good work.”