27th Sep 2017

Dear parents, guardians and family members,

As you are aware, our current Pre-school manager, Rosie Regini-Cook, is reducing her hours from the beginning of October. We are pleased to confirm that we have employed a new Pre-school manager, Kate Shaw, who will be job-sharing the manager role with Rosie. Kate joins us from Mawnan Smith Pre-school, where she has worked as the SENCO, Safe-guarding lead and Deputy Manager for a number of years.

Practically speaking, this means that Rosie will be the Pre-school Manager on Duty on a Tuesday afternoon and all day Thursday and Friday and Kate will be the Pre-school Manager on Duty on a Tuesday morning and all day Monday and Wednesday. Kate will be working full-time for the Pre-school and will take on the role of Deputy Pre-school Manager for the rest of the week, a role she will share with Hannah Ruberry.

Finally, a quick reminder that the Pre-school AGM will be held on Thursday 5th October at the Pre-school at 7:30pm: we are excited to welcome new members to the management and fundraising committee. Please come along!

Kind regards,

Sandra Wilkinson

Chair of the Constantine Preschool Committee